AGC Apprenticeship

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Should Your Company Join the AGC Apprenticeship Program?

As a participating contractor in AGC's Apprenticeship Program, you will have an efficient, cost-effective resource that offers your business and the industry many key benefits:

Save $$$
  Participating in the program allows your company to pay apprentices a percentage of the journeyman wage in exchange for on-the-job training, resulting in reduced payroll, payroll taxes and worker's compensation rates -- savings that can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, employee training brings an average return on investment between two and three dollars for every dollar spent!

Train and Increase Your Future Workforce
  We are faced with a shrinking workforce, affecting contractors industry-wide. Participation in a formal training program like the AGC Apprenticeship Program can help you produce a highly skilled future workforce.

Enhance Productivity and Work Product
  On-going training programs are necessary to remain competitive and effective, especially in today's environment where technology and tools constantly evolve. Apprentices receive a formal education in safety, math, blueprint reading, estimating and trade instruction, all marketable skills to develop a superior work product. Over time, these educated and skilled workers can improve the efficiency of your services and products.

Develop Company Loyalty and Reduce Turnover
  Training can help your company retain good workers, improve moral, and encourage upward mobility, reducing turnover by an average of eighteen percent. Formal training has been proven to reduce absenteeism, and can lower project costs by an average of nine percent.

EEO and Affirmative Action Compliance
  Construction is one of a handful of industries to provide all races and genders the opportunity to start at the ground level and work their way to the top. We conduct extensive and aggressive recruitment efforts on behalf of our members to help develop a diverse workforce, satisfying your obligtions to meet equal opportunity and federal affirmative action requirements.

Assistance with Public Works Requirements
  The AGC staff is well versed in apprenticeship and prevailing wage requirements. Our goal is to help members stay in compliance with all labor and public works laws and regulations. We participate in the political process and keep abreast of the latest legislation and advise our members accordingly.